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RAAP is comprised of an advisory group, representing diverse professional experiences and religious affiliations. The resources here are recommended by this advisory group for personal and organizational use.

The Healing Church

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Together, we are the Church. James 5:16 tells us we need one another as part of God’s healing plan. But pornography isolates and sin is often hidden. It’s not enough to say the local church has a hidden porn problem; church leaders need a primer to help people live in freedom.

Whether you find yourself currently single, engaged, or married, this book will give you biblical insight and practical tools to confidently and intentionally pursue purity with Jesus as your priority. Purity is not an accomplishment to obtain; purity is a relationship to pursue.

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The purpose of this eBook is to:

  • raise awareness of the effects of betrayal trauma,

  • give insight into how betrayal trauma disrupts and dominates the life of a betrayed spouse, and

  • provide next steps for a betrayed spouse to pursue healing.

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5 Steps To
Porn-Free Living

The five steps outlined in this process are far more than just “good ideas” or “something else to try.” These represent a vetted, researched, and demonstrated pathway to lasting change. Could this be the last time? Yes, it can! And we’re here to help you along the way. So what can you do—TODAY—to break free from a pattern of pornography use or any other unwanted sexual behavior? Read on and let this new journey begin!

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