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The Phenomenon of “Sexting” and Its Risks to Youth

The digital world teens live in creates opportunities for potential harm. For parents and those working with youth, this can feel overwhelming. So, we are here to help with facts and helpful advice.

Today’s teenagers are highly digitally connected, with 95% percent of youth ages 13-18 reporting that they have at least one mobile device of their own. The capacity for these devices to take photos and videos and rapidly share them has unleashed the potential for “sexting”—the creating, sending, receiving, or forwarding of sexually suggestive or explicit texts, photos, or videos via electronic devices. Self-production and sharing of sexually explicit materials have become common activities among youth: 1 in 7 has sent, 1 in 4 received, and 1 in 8 forwarded a sext.

To read the full article from the National Center On Sexual Exploitation, go to:


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