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For many people, sexual brokenness has shaped their story. No matter how little or how much sexual brokenness is a theme in your life, we truly believe your story can be redeemed. Here is our commitment to you... We won't judge you for your story. We will accept you and walk with you on the road to freedom!


Comprised of diverse religious groups, we, at RAAP, are united by our mission to educate people of faith about the harmful and addictive nature of pornography and its corrosive effect on public health, support efforts that help those harmed by the pornography industry, and promote high moral standards in society.


It is possible for you to experience freedom from pornography and discover the joy of true, intimate connection!


Mental Health
Video Series

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RAAP seeks to promote "hope that is inspired by love that is authentic, heals, and endures." In this video course, Dr. Janet Dean explores topics around the issue of mental health and shares key principles for effectively helping others.


Emotional regulation and good mental health are significant components of maintaining sobriety. While it is not true that every person who uses porn has a diagnosable mental disorder, the principles in these videos can be useful in working with those who struggle. 


Please note: Watching these videos does not give viewers a degree or competency as a counselor. They are intended to introduce you to the topics of mental disorders.

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The five steps outlined in this process are far more than just “good ideas” or “something else to try.” These represent a vetted, researched, and demonstrated pathway to lasting change. Could this be the last time? Yes, it can! And we’re here to help you along the way. So what can you do—TODAY—to break free from a pattern of pornography use or any other unwanted sexual behavior? Read on and let this new journey begin!

5 Steps To
Porn-Free Living

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Here you will find content from people just like you. Learn about those who discovered freedom and what that journey looked like for them. Discover how pornography impacts your brain and relationships. Explore ways to maintain relational health and personal wholeness.

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Helping People Find Lasting Freedom from Pornography 

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