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Presents the reality of the pornography problem among teens and young adults within the faith community. In addition, presents practical steps that faith community leaders can take to help those under their care.


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Beneath The Surface

Beneath the Surface: Preventing and Recovering from Sexual Temptation and Moral Failure

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Marriages are imploding all around us. Homes are fracturing. Families are shipwrecked. And one of the leading causes is sexual temptation that leads to moral failure. How does a guy guard his heart and home in a culture that is so sexually saturated and permissive?

It doesn't just happen. It takes intentional, biblical decisions to set guards and stand strong. And those decisions--or lack of them--will inevitably set directions for life which will lead to inevitable destinations. We are what we choose!

BENEATH THE SURFACE compares and contrasts two of scripture's best-known men--Joseph and David. Both were faced head-on with sexual temptation. One stood tall--and one fell flat. And it all centered on the choices they made. This book pulls out both the choices and the principles undergirding them, of both men. And they serve as beacon points to all of us on what to do...and what not to the inevitability of temptation knocks on our door.

Journey through the lives of these two men and you will discover dangers to beware of that lurk around unsuspected corners of life's path. How to break bad habits before they become a "way of life" will be addressed head-on. We'll walk together with how to make a U-turn in our life when needed, realizing that it is insane to keep going in a way that is causing problems while at the same time expecting different results. Different results only come from a change of direction. Simple, yet profound principles of setting guards on one's heart regarding thoughts, attitudes, and actions will be handed to every man to use as tools for victory in his everyday battle. In addition, in a life of so many ruptured relationships, Bob shows the four inevitable steps that happen when a relationship is coming apart. Only when the “why” of a relationship that is rupturing is recognized can the relationship be repaired…and ultimately restored.

And who of us doesn't want to leave a great legacy when our journey is finished? But to finish well in the future requires making the right and wise decision today. Kicking the can down the road is a tragic decision. Your kids and grandkids will thank you for your choices!

And for those who are married, or soon will be, there are helps all along the way within the book to strengthen this foundational relationship, making it better and more resilient daily. The eight questions that every husband ought to ask his wife yearly, combined with the eight a wife can ask her husband annually are guaranteed to take the relationship "beneath the surface" issues of life and have proven to be a game-changer for hundreds of marriages.

The Appendix which holds a tremendous resource of up-to-date statistics and facts regarding the devastating impact of pornography in our day which can be used to warn, equip and arm Christ-followers to guard their heart above all else and make wise life decisions.

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