Upcoming Webinar: Fantasy or Reality, The Pornography - Sex Trafficking Link

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September,13, noon EDT OR September 22, 9pm EDT


This webinar is an in-depth look at the fantasies of pornography that drive purchasers and lure victims into sex trafficking. It will empower faith communities to integrate strategic action plans to educate and protect children and families.

“To have any hope of prevention we have to recognize the fantasy.” 

Fantasy or Reality: Driving demand. What is pornography? Who are the purchasers? Do purchasers of pornography understand that they are being sold a fantasy? They are buying a real person and paying to exploit that person. Learn how every click for pornography drives the market for more supply, more trafficked women and children for sex. 

Fantasy or Reality: Luring victims. Who are the women and children portrayed in pornographic images and videos? Learn about the role that fantasy vs. reality plays in their victimization. Discover what increases victims’ vulnerability.

A survivor’s story of reality vs. fantasy 

Empowering Faith Communities to Prevent & Protect: Reality means teaching Truth. Our faith community leaders can fight pornography by dispelling the fantasy, teaching the difference between prostitution and sex trafficking. We can also teach the harm of the fantasy. Our communities can and must learn how to prevent and protect our sons and daughters. 


Presenter: Sandra Morgan, RN, PhD

Dr. Morgan’s expertise on human trafficking is recognized globally. As the Director of Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice (GCWJ), she works to extend global impact and build capacity for research, education and advocacy directly related to the exploitation of women and children. She served as Administrator of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF) for nearly three years. As a Pediatric nurse, her first sex trafficking victim was a l4 year old boy. 

She has presented on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children (CSEC) to the Orange County Grand Jury, California Juvenile Justice Commission, at universities, conferences, and law enforcement and healthcare provider trainings. She currently serves on Foreign Affairs Chair Congressman Ed Royce’s Anti-Human Trafficking Advisory Committee as well as on the steering committee for the Faith Alliance against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST).


About the Religious Alliance Against Pornography

The Religious Alliance Against Pornography (RAAP) was founded  in the home of Cardinal John J. O'Connor of New York City in July 1986.   Cardinal Joseph Bernardin and Dr. Jerry Kirk, Senior Pastor of College Hill Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, OH served as Co-Chairmen.  Twenty-eight leaders were present representing the Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church USA,  United Methodist Church, Episcopalians, Southern Baptist Convention, National Association of Evangelicals, Pentecostals, the Greek Orthodox Church, National Council of Churches,   Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and three leading Rabbis, including the Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee.  These leaders represented a constituency of well over 100 million Americans. 

RAAP was founded because of its members' deep concern about the growing assault of pornography on our children and youth, it's devastating impact on marriages, and it's addictive nature for many.  Since our founding we have grown in our understanding that not only is pornography a growing problem but it is directly related to the sexualization of the culture and to sex trafficking.  There is no such thing as a strictly private use of pornography and all of our sexual behavior impacts beyond our individual lives to the culture as a whole.  

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Upcoming Webinar: Fantasy or Reality, The Pornography - Sex Trafficking Link

This webinar is an in-depth look at the fantasies of pornography that drive purchasers and lure victims into sex trafficking. It will empower faith communities to integrate strategic action plans...

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Our Vision and Mission Our Vision and Mission

The vision of the Religious Alliance Against Pornography is a culture free from pornography.

RAAP's  mission  is to create a broad interfaith effort to alert, educate, and mobilize all people to understand and combat pornography.  

The primary purpose of RAAP remains the education of our own constituents.  Our goal is to produce through education changed beliefs about pornography and its broad negative impact; changed behavior eliminating the use of pornography within the faith community; and movement toward lives of sexual purity as understood and defined by each of our members.

We believe the exponential growth of pornography in America and around the world is undermining faith community leaders, marriages, families and children.  The impact on congregations is devastating and costly.  We believe this is a crisis of immense proportions.  It is impacting every denomination, faith group and nation, and all are equally vulnerable.  We have learned that if people do not stand up against this scourge and stand together in this effort, the avalanche of pornography and the sexualized messages of the culture will get worse and worse.