Guiding Principles of RAAP

Guiding Principles

The following principles undergird the vision and mission of the Religious Alliance Against Pornography, and serve as guiding principles for RAAP activities:

  • Sexuality is part of God's creation, to be understood as a positive, fulfilling, life-giving part of human experience within moral and ethical boundaries.
  • Pornography and the degrading sexualization of the culture is primarily a moral issue.
  • RAAP's concern is the harmful impact of pornography for all people.
  • RAAP is united in its fundamental conviction about human dignity and the value of all persons.
  • RAAP asserts that the increase in pornography distribution and demeaning sexualized messages through media, the Internet and emerging technologies, have produced significant harm to countless children, teens, adults and families.
  • RAAP seeks to offer practical ways for people to protect themselves from pornography and develop thoughtful arguments for disarming the messages of the sexualized culture.
  • RAAP maintains that a primary role of religious leaders is to educate people sensitively but intentionally about the increasingly destructive impact of pornography in their lives and families.
  • RAAP encourages deeper moral discussion by equipping people with a heightened awareness  of their communal responsibilities.
  • RAAP strongly supports the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.
  • RAAP recognizes that certain morally objectionable material is constitutionally protected speech while at the same time believing that some court decision have gone too far in this regard.
  • RAAP believes there is a critically important supportive role for law enforcement and public policy institutions in addressing the harms of pornography.
  • RAAP encourages the strengthening of laws and policies that protect all people, especially children and youth, from the harmful effects of pornography.
  • RAAP is committed to using its influence on matters of legal and public policy when appropriate.
  • RAAP encourages and supports others who are doing significant work related to this mission.
  • RAAP recognizes  the pornography industry in America unfortunately consists of not only "back street" video stores but of major corporations, many of whom are household names.  RAAP is committed to opposing the pornography industry in all these manifestations.