How You Can Promote Safety

All safety—especially mobile and online safety—begins at home. The habits you exhibit about technology use in your home will be the same habits your children learn. Ask yourself what you consider appropriate or inappropriate uses of technology and then compare that with how you might be acting. In addition to your living example, we outline some recommendations you might want to consider for your home.
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Understanding How Content Gets on These Devices

There are four ways content will get onto a computer, gaming, or mobile device: 1) Through a service 2) From the Internet 3) created by the person 4) Sent by someone else. Parents concerned about content getting on devices in their home should understand these concepts.
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Securing the iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad Mini, and iOS Devices

Apple provides basic parental control features for parents wishing to tailor how their child can use an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. On Apple's mobile devices, parental controls are called, "Restrictions". In this article, we'll show you where you can enable restrictions and the kinds of capabilities you have over the device.
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Strangers and Predators Online

Kids can easily encounter predators online; and predators know the places kids hang out online and how to develop online relationships with them. In this section, we cover the patterns typical of online predators, the likely places where kids can encounter them, how you can minimize the risks of your child becoming a victim, and how to respond if you sense that your child is being targeted by an online predator.
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Configuring Built-in Parental Controls on Apple Computers

If you own a Mac, then you already have basic parental controls features built in. The built-in parental controls on the Mac OS will allow you to manage how much time your kids spend on the Mac, where they surf on the Internet, and who they can email and chat with. We'll take you step by step and show you how to activate and configure the built-in parental controls on a Mac.
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Geotagging Photos and Videos

Geotagging lets people know where and when you took a photo or video. Many devices automatically geotag content. When you share that content, the geotagged information can easily be read by others, letting them know the places you go and the times you tend to be there. To protect your privacy and ensure your family's security, know what devices have geotagging capabilities and be careful when you share or post photos that have geotagging information
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Email and Kids

Email is everywhere. The dangers that lurk via email can be as bad as the web. Parents must be actively involved in teaching kids about email and what to do when they get an email from someone they don't know. Most of the popular, free email services aren't designed with kids in mind. Kid-specific email services offer age-appropriate ease-of-use, spam filtering, and optional parental controls that are ideally suited for kids.
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What do I need to Secure?

Media is increasingly being consumed through online services. These services offer a wide range of content—from kids to adult. Parental controls, which allow you to filter content, are often available but need to be activated. Parental controls need to be enabled on each device or service: from TVs to tablets. If a device has access to multiple services, then parental controls for will need to be activated for each service.
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Cell Phones and Kids

When and if a child should get a cell phone is ultimately a parental decision. Kids want cell phones for games and social communication. Parents want their kids to have a cell phone for safety. When you give your child a cell phone, you are giving them a portable computer with mobile Internet capability. Know a phone's features and capabilities before you purchase. It's important to discuss issues of privacy, inappropriate texts/photos, and safety. For parents wanting extra safety features, there are special phones designed just for kids.
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Activating Parental Controls on Cell Phones

All major cellphone carriers in the US offer parental control options. Here you'll find a comprehensive list with some additional solutions for iPhone and Andriod users.
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