Pornography – an Industry Systematically Shaping Relationships and Views towards Women

Pornography is a social evil that leads to many negative behaviors. Research suggests it contributes to objectification and dehumanization of a person, mainly women, so that the person is demeaned. This research article, by The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission (ISJC), examines a number of peer-reviewed and validated research studies relating to pornography’s effect on men’s view towards women. By literature review, it examines common trends and patterns relating to (a) gender role conflict, (b) intimate relationships, (c) extramarital behavior, (d) men’s internal view, (e) women’s internal view, and (f) sexual aggression. Also included is a brief section relating pornography to human trafficking. From these topics, it will discuss the theological response and The Salvation Army response to pornography. 


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